A feature many people use is the TV guide. But it was one of the big elements that had no one UX approach. My team and I began a comprehensive overhaul of TV guides. We mapped user journeys across our existing experiences, identifying problems and opportunities along the way.


Wireframes, Visual Design, User Experience
Desktop HD Copy 6


The First step was to identify the user’s needs on different platforms. Out of metrics, we saw some different behavior but we wanted to know why and how these different needs might influent the final end results. In the past, lots of different research had been done. We gathered all these documents to see if we could identify trends. We looked at extra features we wanted in the near future and held new research for the remaining questions. We started by researching our competitors to gain more insight on best practices.


Horizontal TV guide

The biggest change for the TV guide was made for web. Here we choose to go with the horizontal TV guide. The main benefit being users can see way more tv programs this way & scroll in time. This design is a result of hundreds of sketches, prototypes, and many hours of user testing. It is the first release of a larger iterative solution.