OmniCRM is a digital environment that our helpdesk employees use to help our customers.

During the whole process, I had these goals in mind.

How might we…

During the whole proces I had these goals in mind

A flexible system that is helping our helpdesk employees help our customers.
for all of our helpdesk employees
To help our customers with ease
And improve…
the solution rate and improve our data



User flow, Wireframes, Branding, design thinking

Design thinking

During my two years in the OmniCRM team, I created many features to improve the customer experience. But the biggest challenge was to make this system future-proof. I did this by organizing several design thinking days to help give all of our stakeholder’s insight into the different wishes they all had.

OmniCRM from sidekick to superhero

The result of this design thinking day was the following. We realized that the scope was bigger than anticipated. The assumption was that service was our main focus point but we realized that sales are heavily intertwined.

Group 5

Creating a roadmap

To create this Wonder Woman, we first needed to decide on the basics and to build further from there. In this discussion, we needed to talk to our users (the helpdesk employees) and to our developers. Together we created a roadmap. And from here the real fun could begin!

Screenshot 2021-11-17 at 13.57.53
Screenshot 2021-11-17 at 13.58.05
Screenshot 2021-11-17 at 13.58.12